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Our Services

Dog Visits

Pet Nanny will walk your dog(s) or leave out in yard, provide fresh water, feed, administer medications, play and provide lots of TLC. We will also bring in mail, alternate lights, water indoor plants and take out trash, bring in cans at no additional fee. Daily Journal or Text/photo of your loved one included.

Cat Visits

We will feed, water, scoop liter boxes and love your kitty! We can also water indoor plants, bring in your mail and trash cans at no extra charge.  Daily Journal or Text/photo of your loved ones included!

Other Furry Friends

(Bunny/Hamster/Gerbils/Guinea Pigs/Birds & more) – We will be happy to feed, water, clean cages and attend to the well being of your special pets and birds. Just let us know what help is needed and we will do our best to help your special critters feel comfortable!

Field Trips

Would you like to treat your dog to a change of scenery and some extra exercise? The Pet Nanny will pick up your dog and take on a field trip to a local park or other interesting location. Doggie text/photo included. The safety of your pet is our top priority! Great for Birthdays!

Pet Nanny Sleepovers

Do your beloved pets need a little more TLC during the night to make them feel comfortable?  Invite the Pet Nanny to a sleepover with your loved ones!  These are usually coupled with one or more afternoon visits. Call for details and pricing.



We Service Silver Spring, Carroll & Hampden township within 10 mile radius of Sterretts Gap.

Stacey Sadock

Owner | Bonded & Insured


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